S5 Stress Test: Get your REWARDS!!


A Stressful Scenario

Calling All Heroes to Participate in the Season 5 Stress Test!




Launch days are tough! It’s pretty much impossible to predict the exact number of people that might be flooding into Season 5, but based on our previous two seasons, and some behind the scenes influencers, it’s going to be a lot. That’s why we need your help to make sure Launch Day runs as smooth as it can!


We’ll be performing a Stress Test tomorrow, November 5th (USA) at 11:00pm Server Time (that's the in-game clock). Please come try to break our game.


At 11:00pm server time we’ll be performing a stress test on our Season 5 Realm: Bleeding Hollow. The purpose of this test is--you guessed it--to find all the potential crashes, bugs, and issues before the Season launches on November 8th (four days!). We’d like to ask that every Hero who can manage participates in the Stress Test; your help will ensure a smoother launch of Season 5, with less crashes, less issues, and more fun. 


Here’s the specifics!


  1. Only Humans will be available to stress test. Make a human, log in, and see how well Northshire Abbey can hold out against thousands of Humans running around at once. Those poor kobolds...


  1. Do lots of things. Cast spells, run around, channel blizzard all at the same time--every time the server crashes we’ll use the crash data to find and fix potential problems. You give us the data, we fix up the game--TEAMWORK!! Plus, launch Day will be a LOT better for it.


  1. Anyone who nets over an hour play time on the stress test will receive 300Ethereal Bazaar tokens: a new currency that will grant you access to HUNDREDS of unique cosmetic weapons and mounts! Thats enough, after the prices have been adjusted, to get a couple AWESOME cosmetic weapons to deck out your new Season 5 character.


You’re seriously gonna’ want these


The Stress Test will start at 11:00pm Server Time and last for a few hours. We can’t stress (haha) enough how important the test is for a smooth launch day when Season 5 hits.

Let’s make Season 5 a stress-free launch together!






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