Season 5 Comprehensive Overview: INDEX (Start Here!)


Season 5


Comprehensive Overview




Season 5 is ALMOST HERE! Get ready for the biggest, thiccc-est, most stuffed-full-of-cool-stuff season ever to hit Ascension! Season 5 has more features than any before it, and as you browse through what it has in store,you’ll be prepping to launch into it onNovember 8th. There is SO much to talk about that it could fill a book--and if you scroll down the length of this overview, you’ll see just how close to a novel it is. Hunker down for some reading, Heroes, because there’s a lot to cover:


Note: This article was too long for the website to handle posting in a single news post (really). It has been divided into ten (lol) parts, and you can navigate using the index below. Happy browsing!


Page One: 

  • Season 5 Stress Test


Page Two:

  • Legion Invasions

  • Bloodied Equipment

  • High Risk Arena

  • Rated Arena


Page Three:

  • PvP Progression Overhaul

  • Hotspots

  • Titan Buffs


Page Four:

  • Battle Brawls

  • Wargames

    • Battlegrounds and Arenas with No Team Size Limit

  • Wild Draft

    • Draft Mode Improvements

    • Scroll of Fortune returns!

    • Golden Draft Deck


Page Five:

  • Challenge Mode Improvements

    • New Challenge Mode: Resolution Mode

    • Ironman Updates

    • Survivalist Updates

  • Returning Features

    • Realm First Achievements

    • Kill Announcements

    • Guard AI Overhaul


Page Six:

  • New Call Board Quests

    • Weekly Profession Epic Quest

    • Secondary Profession Quests (Fishing, First Aid, Cooking)

    • New Quests in Existing Categories

  • Realm-Wide Attunement Collection Items


Page Seven:

  • Monster and Pet Movement Update

  • Crafting Equipment Affixes

  • New Specs for the Multispec System

  • Rotating Honorable Combat Zones

  • Recruitment Banner


Page Eight:

  • UI Updates

    • Collection

    • Character Panel

  • Raid Tuning, Changes, and Polish


Page Nine:

  • Crow’s Cache Updates

  • Transmogrification Overhaul

  • Ethereal Bazaar


Page Ten:

  • World Boss Overhaul

  • PvE Badge System

  • That’s a lot of bullet points…







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