S5 Overview: Legion Invasions, Bloody Gear, Arena

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Legion Invasions


Explore a new world… or die trying


The Burning Legion has invaded Azeroth--and it’s up to you to stop them! Push back the Legion, defeat their commanders, and reap epic rewards.


Legion Invasions are a new type of invasion point appearing throughout every zone, and for all levels. You’ll need to band together with other Heroes to take down Legion forces surrounding a demonic portal. The more minions you defeat, the weaker the portal will become--if you can slay enough enemies, you can deactivate the portal temporarily, closing the Invasion Point. 


Assuming you prevail against the Legion


However, your trespassing won’t go unnoticed--as you slay demons, you might catch the attention of the Legion’s Generals. These boss baddies aren’t too thrilled with you messing up their plans, and they’ll try to stop you with lethal force. Once a General steps into Azeroth, your group--and other Heroes in the area--are in for a fight. Legion Generals are tough opponents, and will require seasoned adventurers to take them down. However, if you manage, every Hero who participated in the event will receive a reward for keeping Azeroth demon-free. Expect teamwork, PvP, Boss Battles, and LOTS of bloodshed.


Huh… I wonder if that portal works both ways?


    Legion Invasion Overview:

  • The Burning Legion is invading Azeroth!

  • New Invasions require Hero intervention to stop

  • Legion Invasions feature new monsters and epic boss battles

  • Stopping an invasion will net you rewards

  • A brand new legion world will appear during this season for you and your friends to explore--if you can find it!


Bloodied Equipment


Bloodied Equipment is a new gear type on Ascension that excels at slaying other Heroes: Bloody Gear hosts the new PvP Power stat, giving you extra damage against other Heroes. Additionally, the stats on a piece of Bloodied Equipment are different from those of their non-bloody (Pristine) counterparts.


Heroes can find Bloodied Equipment in two ways: by finding it on monsters, or by slaying other Heroes, in the High Risk open world.


If you slay a Hero wearing pristine dungeon or raid gear, the gear that drops becomes bloodstained. If they were wearing an [Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood] when you killed them, the blade you pick up will be a [Bloody Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood].


In addition to gearing heroes up, Bloodied gear accomplishes several important goals: first, it allows Heroes engaging in High Risk to find gear that will help them with High Risk. Because bloodied gear has the PvP Power Stat, it is much more effective when fighting other Heroes. Obtaining it will help you deal with the enemies you’ll encounter while collecting it. Just as raiders prepare for tougher raids by raiding, so too can High Risk Heroes gear up and thrive by progressing in High Risk and PvP. Second, Bloody Gear ensures that raiders are the only individuals with pristine raid gear. If you’re wearing a minted piece of Naxxramas gear, other Heroes who inspect you will know for certain that you obtained it yourself by struggling through Naxxramas--not by killing a Naxx raider, finding the gear on a monster, or purchasing it off the auction house. Heroes who raid will have real bragging rights when they equip their pristine tier sets, and minted raid gear will become a commodity obtainable only by raiders--the gear will speak to their grit, their teamwork, and their tenacity in attempting and completing difficult raids. Likewise, Heroes in full Bloodied Gear will have a significant advantage in PvP over those who choose not to equip it. 


Bloodied Equipment Overview:

  • Bloodied Equipment is a new type of gear

  • Replaces standard dungeon/raid gear as the type that drops in the High Risk Open World

  • The offensive PvE stats on Bloodied Gear have been moved. Their power has been migrated to a new stat: PvP Power

    • PvP Poweris a new stat that increases damage against other players

    • 10 PvP Power = 1% Damage

    • PvP power is found on Arena Gear, Honor Gear, and Bloody Gear 

  • Dungeon and Raid Items are now soulbound

  • Dropping a Dungeon or Raid Item in High Risk transforms it into its Bloody Version

    • If the [Arcanist’s Crown] you’re wearing drops in High Risk PvP, the Hero looting it will receive a [Bloody Arcanist’s Crown] 


High Risk Arena


Test your might, win your trophy


High Risk Arenas have come to Ascension!


Get ready for a true test of skill and ability. In High Risk arenas, your equipped gear is on the line as you weave through combat and outplay your enemies. Win, and you’ll be able to scavenge the remains of your foes, taking a single piece of their equipped gear. Lose, and you’ll forfeit one of yours.


High Risk Arenas function exactly as you’d expect: queue up for one, wait for the queue to pop, and bam--you’re in the battle. If you win, a single piece of your opponent’s equipped gear will be added automatically to your inventory. If you lose, well, you can guess.


Note that once you enter a High Risk arena, you will no longer be able to change your equipped gear. Enter after some planning, Heroes, and don’t wear anything you’re not prepared to lose.


Good luck, Heroes. You’ll need it...


High Risk Arenas are available in 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 format. Regardless of which you enter, your gear is on the line--make sure you take only your best specs and strongest gear into High Risk Arenas!


High Risk Arena Overview: 

  • High Risk Arenas allow Heroes to engage in Arena Matches for Gear

  • Available in 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 formats

  • High Risk Arenas have their own specific queue

  • Winning automatically places a piece of your opponent’s equipped gear into your inventory

  • Losing automatically places a piece of your equipped gear into your opponent’s inventory

  • 2v2 and 3v3 formats will award each victor one piece of their opponent’s gear, selected randomly

  • Fel Commutation works in High Risk Arenas

  • Once you enter the arena, you cannot change your equipped gear

  • High Risk Arenas are available to Heroes of all levels

    • Standard level brackets apply


Rated Arena


Get ready to dive into Ascension’s first Rated Arena season! Grab your allies, perfect your builds, equip your strongest gear pieces, and dive into the fray. Rated Arenas will be available in 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 formats, and will award arena points to Heroes who are victorious. Arena Points can be spent on brand new gear coming with the PvP Progression Overhaul. Additionally, Arena Points are awarded instantly, letting you gather them quickly to purchase the gear you want. You can gain arena points up to a cap every week. Once you’ve reached it, you won’t be able to gather more until the week resets.


Not exactly batting 1000, eh Zen?

Rated Arenas offer a chance for you and your friends to show off just how powerful you are. Compete against other strong Heroes, and test your Wild Draft builds, Bloodied Gear, and personal skill.


Rated Arena Overview:


  • Season 5 is Ascension’s first Rated Arena Season! 

  • Win arena matches, gain arena rating

  • Gather Arena Points to purchase powerful new PvP gear

  • New PvP gear will require both solo and team rated arena ranking

  • Available in 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 formats

  • Arena Points are awarded INSTANTLY!

Doing BGs and other PvP activities awards a very, very small number of points






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