S5 Overhaul: PvP Prog, Hotspots, Titan Buffs

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PvP Progression Overhaul


So much more than just new gear


Season 5 introduces a HUGE PvP Progression Overhaul to Ascension: one that allows Heroes who love PvP to dive into Battlegrounds, Arenas, and World PvP to gain rewards like never before. To begin, new gear is available from new Alliance and Horde vendors. New trinkets, rings, capes, necks, armor, weapons, and more are available if you have the honor for it. Additionally, new Heroic PvP gear requires both personal and teamarena rating to purchase, meaning Heroes that want to be the strongest will need to prove it both by themselves and with their allies.


Think you’re good enough for a High Warlord’s Blade?


Additionally, as the season progresses, these new vendors will automatically update and upgrade their selection of equipment. As new gear releases, older gear will become less expensive, letting newer Heroes jump into competitive PvP quicker, and allowing you to climb to higher tiers of gear.


Finally, Black PvP mounts are available with Season 5. If you’re skilled enough, you can show off your prowess by riding exclusive steeds, wolves, raptors, rams, and more. However, you’ll need both honor and Arena Rating to ride these proud creatures.


Ride in style and show off your PvP prowess


PvP Progression Overview:


  • NEW PvP Vendors and PvP Gear

    • Trinkets, Rings, Capes, Necks, and more

  • NEW PvP Enchantments

  • NEW Progression System: Vendors will now automatically upgrade their gear, and adjust the prices of older gear, as the Season progresses

  • Black PvP mounts added, and will require Arena Rating to ride



Open your map to check for Hotspots!


Heroes: your adventures throughout Azeroth have been many. Countless times has your spirit traversed, in one body or another, the lands of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. That journey can sometimes be repetitive, mindless--visiting the same areas, seeing the same sights, over and over again. But you’ve told yourself it’s the best way--the optimal way--to make the journey. To deviate, to leave that path, is to sacrifice valuable time.


Cast away those notions, heroes: Hotspots are here to save you from tedium.


Hotspots are a brand new Ascension feature that will appear in nearly every zone. When they do, a certain area within the zone will spring to life, granting you a huge bonus should you choose to travel there. These bonus zones will offer HUGE boosts depending on the type of Hotspot they are, and allow you to divert from your typical adventure path without sacrificing time or experience. 


For example: a Hotspot: Experience zone will increase the EXP you gain from slaying monsters by a whopping 50%. Since one of these will actively rotate in nearly every zone, you can adventure pretty much anywhere to take advantage of it. If there’s a zone you really enjoy visiting, but isn’t on your usual route, you can level there in the Hotspot knowing you’re just as fast as usual.


Breathe in that delicious EXP...

Additionally, Hotspots will change periodically within the Zone they appear in, meaning the spot you level in, and your overall journey, will almost never be the same. 


Hotspots give you a chance to explore new areas of Azeroth you might usually not get a chance to, and venture to lands you might love, but never visit. With Hotspots, you don’t have to level in Desolace just because it’s the “best EXP per hour”--you can find a Hotspot somewhere else and go just as fast.


The world is big, Heroes. Explore it.


Hotspots Overview:


  • Hotspots are Zones where certain bonuses are active

    • Hotspot: Experience

    • Hotspot: Battlefield

    • Hotspot: Crafting

    • ..etc

  • Travel there to receive MASSIVE boosts depending on the type of active Hotspot

  • Hotspots allow Heroes to level virtually anywhere, rather than sticking to a set path

    • Adventure wherever you want!

  • Hotspots rotate around each Zone they appear in

  • Hotspots are ALWAYS active in nearly every zone--try one out!

Titan Buffs


Titan Scrolls and Titan Buffs are powerful new tools that allow you to impact the success of the entire realm. Each has an powerful effect that can help you and other heroes dramatically. From bonus EXP to Bonus Damage, to Swim Speed, Regeneration, and even Crafting bonuses, Titan Buffs allow Heroes to work together and benefit the entire community.

That’s a pretty big buff...


Titan Scrolls last for one hour, and can stack to a maximum of 5 of the same scroll. Each new stack increases the benefits granted by the Buff, but if it expires, all stacks of the buff are lost. Conversely, if the Titan Buff is refreshed, you can keep it at 5 stacks using single scrolls every hour. If your realm’s Titan Buff is at 4 stacks and 2 minutes remaining, and you use the same scroll, it increases to 5 stacks and 60 minutes.


To keep the power flowing, you’ll need to work together with other Heroes to time your use of Scrolls just right to keep the effect at five stacks while refreshing the duration. If you do, you’ll be able to keep the effect active for hours at a time, refreshing the duration at the last minute, and improving the lives of every person on the realm. 


Using a Titan Scroll sends out a realm wide announcement, shouting out both your name and guild to let the world know who to thank for keeping the power flowing.


Titan Scrolls will be available from Edrim Skysong for gold, and also available as drops from monsters out in the world. They’re quite rare, so collect and use them consciously. 


Titan Scroll Overview:


  • Realm-wide buffs that affect every Hero online

  • Last for 1 hour

    • If a Titan Buff expires, all stacks are lost

  • Each type stacks with itself to a maximum of 5

  • Using a new Titan Scroll will refresh the duration of that scroll

    • It will also add another stack, if applicable

    • Using Scrolls wisely can keep them refreshed at max stacks

  • Using a Titan Scroll announces your name and guild to the entire realm

  • Work together to keep the power flowing!






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