S5 Overview: Battle Brawl, Wargames, Wild Draft

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Battle Brawl


Get ready, Heroes, for the Battle Brawl! Battle Brawls will offer Heroes the chance to dive into their favorite Battlegrounds with no team limits. Each weekend, for a duration of two hours, the current Call-to-Arms Battleground will have a Battle Brawl! Its team size limit will be set to 40, allowing Heroes to join the fray and participate in massive fights. Heroes who join the Brawl can expect to snag rewards, so be sure to queue up when you notice the Battle Brawl event go live. Make sure you’re watching the clock, though, Heroes--Brawls only last for two hours, so if you want to get your rewards, you’ll need to be queued up and ready for the fight.


Battle Brawl Overview:


  • Occur on Saturdays at Primetime

  • Last for Two Hours

  • Removes the Team Size Limit on the current Call-to-Arms Battleground

  • Heroes can queue for Battle Brawls any time while they’re up to join the brawl

  • Rewards will be awarded for participating




40v40 Warsong Gulch means plenty of targets


Wargames are a brand new type of team PvP coming to Season 5: with Wargames, Heroes can engage in battlegrounds and arenas while ignoring the standard team size limit requirements. If you want to fight in a Battleground, form your party (or don’t if you’re going to 1v1 a battleground, whatever) and head to the Wargames Battlemaster to queue up for a game. Once inside, you’ll be able to duke it out in your favorite PvP zone with up to 40 Heroes on either side.


In addition to being tons of fun, Wargames offer the first ever chance for guilds to engage in true Guild vs. Guild combat. Using Wargames, Guild Leaders can marshall their strongest members and queue up against their rivals to prove once and for all which of them is the toughest.


Do note that Wargames don’t offer any rewards for participating. They’re purely for fun--unless you consider crushing your enemies beneath your heel to be a reward, in which case, there are lots of rewards.


Wargames Overview: 


  • No team-size-limit Battlegrounds and Arenas

  • Queue up with friends, allies, and guilds up to a maximum of 40 Heroes per side

    • And that’s only the limit because it’s the maximum raid size!

  • 40v40 Warsong Gulch, 1v1 Alterac Valley, 20v20 Arathi Basin--the possibilities are endless

  • Wargames offer a chance for true Guild vs. Guild combat

    • Guilds who want to duke it out can take up to 40 friends into a match to see who’s the strongest

  • Queue for a Wargame at the Wargames Battlemaster

  • The party leader queues the entire group

  • Wargames DO NOT offer rewards; they’re just for fun. So have fun!

Wild Draft


Season 5 makes its debut as a Draft Season! The best parts of Wildcard and Draft Mode are coming together as Wild Draft!


Throughout Season 5, you’ll draft your Hero like normal--choose one Skill from three to add permanently to your draft mode deck. Each time you gather enough [Ability Essences], you’ll pull three more skill cards to choose from, and by level 60 you’ll have a drafted hero ready to dive into Battlegrounds, Arenas, Dungeons, Raids, and Wargames.


Additionally,in Season 5, you’ll have access to both the [Hand of Fate] AND the [Scroll of Fortune] while you level!


Draft your skills...


Season 5 will see you sculpting your Hero even during the leveling process--with the [Hand of Fate], you can draft new abilities to replace skills you don’t really use. Additionally, the [Scroll of Fortune] allows you to target specific abilities you no longer want and re-roll them randomly to gain a new skill. During Season 5, you’ll be shuffling the deck AND rolling the dice.


...and perfect your Hero


Heroes will gain both Hand of Fortunes and Scrolls of Fate while they level. Every 10 levels, you’re awarded one Scroll. Hands are similar--you’ll gain one at level 20, two at 30, 3 at 40, and so on. As you gather them, you can use them to retool your hero and forge them into exactly what you want. Additionally, you can obtain even more at level 60 to continue perfecting your build.

Throughout the Season, you can look forward to 100+ Scroll and Hand quests that you can use to really change around your hero. By the time you’re done, using both Draft and Wildcard magic, your hero will be fine-tuned and ready to dive into any challenge the world has to offer.


Additionally, the [Golden Draft Deck] makes its debut on Season 5! This rare deck provides an incredibly useful ability to Heroes who want to get started on their adventure--if you have the deck, you’ll be able to, at level 1 exclusively, roll each of your four core spells individually, instead of rolling all four at the same time. Additionally, you can use the Deck to continue rerolling an ability without affecting the previous spell chosen, before you move on to the next one. Too much to digest? Here’s an example:

Say you REALLY want your new Hero to be a Shadow Mage, and your dream start is Shadowbolt, Corruption, Sinister Strike, and Arcane Missiles: you create your character, step into the game, and get your [Golden Draft Deck]. Rather than drafting your first four core abilities all at once, you would draft them one at a time. Lets say your first draft gets you Shadowbolt--perfect. You select it, and then the deck prompts you to choose your next spell. But the cards that come up are Wrath, Heroic Strike, and Battle Stance--none of your dream abilities. So you pick one and use the [Golden Draft Deck] to reroll it. The skill gets redrafted without affecting the Shadowbolt spell you already chose! You can continue redrafting until the ability you want comes up, so you reroll a few more times and see Corruption. Excellent! 


The [Golden Draft Deck] allows you a much finer control over your Hero’s first four starting abilities, allowing you to get your dream starting build quicker.


Though the [Golden Draft Deck] is only usable at level one, it allows you, if you want to, to save time in setting out on your adventure. You can roll until you’ve got the start you want, and then get out and start exploring exploring!


You can obtain the deck from Eadrim Skysong for gold, or from our Supporter’s Shop!


Wild Draft Overview:


  • Season 5 is a Draft Season

  • Heroes have access to BOTH the [Hand of Fate] AND the [Scroll of Fortune]

    • Draft abilities you want using the [Hand of Fate]

    • Make targeted changes to your build with the [Scroll of Fortune]

  • The Golden Draft Deck allow Heroes to roll their starting skills individually

    • Reroll your second spell without losing your first

  • Gain [Hand of Fate]s while you level!

    • Level 20 - 1 [Hand of Fate]

    • Level 30 - 2 [Hand of Fate]

    • Level 40 - 3 [Hand of Fate]

    • ...etc

  • Gain [Scroll of Fortune] as you level! 

    • 1 [Scroll of Fortune] every 10 levels

  • Use Hands and Scrolls while you level to Draft your strongest Hero

  • 100+ [Hand of Fate] and [Scroll of Fortune] Quests throughout the Season

    • Forge your Hero to the peak of perfection

  • Skill Card Recycling returns!







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