S5 Updates: Challenge Mode and Returning Features

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Challenge Mode Improvements

  • New Challenge Mode: Resolution Mode

  • Ironman Updates

  • Survivalist Updates

New Challenge Mode: Resolution Mode


Big rewards--and you earned them


Some among you love the feeling of growing stronger, of progressing--of climbing to the top of a challenging peak. For you, the journey proves more important than the destination, and the more grueling the adventure, the deeper the feeling of achievement becomes. You, Heroes, are the Iron Men, the Survivalists--and now, if you so choose, the Resolute. If blood and sweat are what you’re made of, you might have the determination to succeed in Ascension’s newest challenge:

Resolution Mode is a brand new challenge mode. Heroes who embark on it will need to tackle Azeroth at x1 experience rates. The adventure is a tough one, but if you succeed, some incredible rewards await you.


If you accept the Resolution challenge, you'll be locked to x1 experience rates and receive an exclusive title: the Resolute. Additionally, you’ll be unable to benefit from things like Experience Potions, Recruit-a-Friend bonuses, or the bonuses associated with Risk Style (though you will still gain bonus experience from Hotspots). You’ll need to climb to the top entirely at x1.


If you manage, you’ll receive a chest filled with MASSIVE rewards:


      • 100 Mystic Runes

      • 250 Marks of Ascension

      • 250 Mystic Orbs

      • 5 Pieces of Dungeon Gear

      • 2 Pieces of Raid Gear

      • Golden Vulpine Familiar


These rewards will rocket you into Level 60 once you arrive, allowing you to immediately begin gathering Mystic Enchantments and enchanting your gear with Mystic Orbs. In addition, you’ll be able to start improving your Hero immediately by spending Marks of Ascension on either Hands of Fate or Scrolls of Fortune. Not only that, but you’ll also be ready to jump straight into Dungeons and Raids by starting your journey with seven pieces of Pristine Gear.


Hard won, but worth the journey

Resolution Mode is designed to allow Heroes who prefer the leveling process to enjoy it steadily without handicapping them at 60. With the Resolute Chest awarded at the end, Resolute Heroes can feel confident that their choice to level more slowly than others hasn’t caused them to miss out or become weaker at the level cap. Feel free to enjoy the adventure, the PvP, and the excitement of leveling at your own pace.


Resolution Mode Overview:


    • Tackle Azeroth at x1 Rates

    • Receive the Exclusive Title: the Resolute

    • No Bonuses from EXP Potions, Recruit a Friend, or Phase

      • Heroes receive no EXP benefit from being in either High Risk or No Risk

      • Heroes can still receive benefits from Hotspot Zones

    • At 60, receive the Resolute Cache

      • 100 Mystic Runes

      • 250 Marks of Ascension

      • 250 Mystic Orbs

      • 5 Pieces of Dungeon Gear

      • 2 Pieces of Raid Gear

      • Golden Vulpine Familiar

Ironman Updates


Ready to sell your soul for power, Heroes? Season 5 brings an all new update to Ironman Mode to the table: introducing the Dark Bargain


If you adventure with an Ironman to at least level 20, you’ll receive an account-bound item, the [Iron Soul]. Once you have it, Stony Tark will allow you to accept the Dark Bargain, boosting ANY new Ironman you create straight to level 20. By doing so, you’ll be able to quickly replace an ironman you create that happens to meet with an untimely end, engage in level 20 PvP, start anew with friends in Survivalist Mode, or even start a brand new challenge solo.


However, accepting the Dark Bargain marks your Hero as fel-touched.


Boost to your heart’s content! Just be careful of the consequences...


Fel-touched Ironmen are cursed Heroes whose souls are bound to the Burning Legion. If a Fel-touched Ironman dies, their soul becomes trapped in the Twisting Nether. To rescue it, you’ll need to complete challenges and objectives on a non-Ironman hero to save and recover their soul. Not only that, but you’ll need to combine Gold and Fel Blood with a Resurrection Stone to corrupt it, transforming it into a powerful resource the Legion would love to get their hands on--maybe they’ll trade it for a worthless little soul?


Ironman Overview:


    • Ironman mode returns!

    • Level an Ironman to 20, and gain the [Iron Soul]

    • Once you have an [Iron Soul], boost any new Ironman you make straight to level 20

    • Boosting an Ironman causes them to become Fel-touched

    • Fel-touched Ironmen cannot be revived by Resurrection Stones

      • To revive a Fel-touched Ironman, Heroes will need to complete certain new objectives

    • Start a new Ironman adventure at level 20

    • Jump straight into level 20 PvP


Survivalist Updates


Survivalist Mode has also received a few updates! 


First, A brand new leaderboard will track the progress of all survivalists, allowing you to compete against others on the race to level 60. 


Second, Survivalists now have a bit more security when facing down other Heroes in PvP combat. Though you’ll still be targetable by everyone, regardless of risk or challenge type, Survivalists will now only be attackable in PvP by enemies within a 3 level range of themselves, providing you with just as much safety as Ironmen. 


Goes with Green


Finally, if you choose to become a survivalist, you’ll be able to snag a unique reward should you complete your journey--the epic Felsaber mount.


Survivalist Overview:


    • New Leaderboards keep track of Survivalist Progress

    • Survivalists gain more protection in PvP

      • Can be attacked by any player, regardless of Phase or Risk-Type

      • Can only be attacked by players within a 3 level range

    • New Reward: the epic Felsaber Mount

Returning Features

Realm First Achievements
    • Achievements for doing things FIRST

    • Receive a Realm-Wide shout out when you get one

    • Achievements for things such as first to max out a profession, first to succeed in a dungeon, first to die to hogger, slay a critter, etc.

    • Prove to people that you did it FIRST!


Kill Announcements
    • When an innocent Hero is slain, a Zone-wide message announces where the murder took place

    • Names the Murderer

    • Allows Heroes to head towards--or run away from--killers in their zone

    • Protectors receive a message when slaying an Outlaw

    • Outlaws receive a message when slaying Protectors or Innocents

Guard AI Overhaul
    • View the full article here

    • Activating Criminal Intent in a town causes nearby Guards to attack you

    • Attacking an innocent civilian causes them to attack you

      • Their friends, and nearby guards, will help

    • Being slain by a Guard in High Risk counts as a Player Kill

      • You’ll drop a chest if slain by a guard

That broken bottle is looking a lot less useful...






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