S5 Overview: New Board Quests, Attunement Items

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New Call Board Quests



Heroes! The Heroes Call and Warchief’s Command boards are getting an overhaul this season. If you’re looking to grab TONS of Mystic Items, Marks, and Spoils of War chests, you won’t have to search very hard to find them: look no further than the Call Boards!

This season, the Call Boards will offer dozens of new quests that encourage Heroes to get out and explore. In addition to new adventurer's contracts, brand new Secondary Profession Quests and Crafting Quests means that even if you’re playing a Gnome merchant with a penchant for tailoring and blacksmithing, you’ll have plenty of ways to gear up. We’re also introducing Weekly Crafting Epic Quests, where you’ll be required to craft rare and valuable equipment for a chance at HUGE rewards. Be sure to pick up a pair of professions at the start of Season 5!


Crafting Quests Overview:

Secondary Profession Quests (Fishing, First Aid, Cooking)
    • NEW Call Board Category: Secondary Professions

      • Find Fishing, First Aid, and Cooking Dailies here!

New Quests in Existing Categories
    • NEW Call Board Quests for existing categories

      • 10 new Adventuer’s Contracts

      • TONS of new Crafting Quests

    • NEW Category: Weekly EPIC Crafting

      • Forge specific, powerful gear and turn it in for rewards!


Attunement Vanity Items


Heroes! Tired of having to attune each new alt you make to Onyxia? Wish you could just have that Drakefire Amulet skydropped straight into your inventory? Well, now you can!


Season 5 finds Attunement Items now appearing in your Vanity Tab! Need to attune an alt for Onyxia? Just open up your vanity tab, click the button, and BAM! One attunement item straight into your inventory. In addition, we’re creating similar items for each raid that needs attuning so that doing it once is enough.


Wow, that’s awfully convenient!


Attunement Items Overview:


  • Attunement Items have been added to the Vanity Collection Tab

    • Need to attune an ALT for Onyxia? Pop into your vanity tab and deliver that Drakefire Amulet straight to your new character!

  • NEW Attunement Items will make attuning for Molten Core and Blackwing Lair just as easy





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