S5 Overview: Crafting Affixes and Recruitment Banner

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Monster and Pet Movement Update


Heroes! Ascension now boasts the same movement updates and patterns that can be seen in later expansions! No longer will your pets and monsters make odd, sudden turns! We implemented updated movement that makes pets and monsters walk like smooth criminals. You’ll be surprised at how smooth your cat walks on the catwalks of Azeroth. Wow!


Crafting Affixes


Heroes! Wish the items you crafted had a bit more punch to them? Want to immerse yourself in the game by imagining that those +1 Bronze Chain Pants you crafted yourself are better built and more sturdy than the leggings you find off a boar? Well here’s some good news for you: crafted items now get Affixes!


Craft ALL the things!


Affixes (...of the Bear, of the Boar, of the Eagle, of Intellect, etc.) are now automatically appended toall crafted gear, adding additional stats stacked on top of whatever the piece normally provides. For example, you might craft +1 Spirit Pants of Ultimate Destiny: truly the strongest pair of breeches in the game. With the new system, however, you’ll have an Affix appended to it! Your pants might become a +1 Spirit Pants of Destiny of the Whale! If they do, the extra stats will stack right onto the item, giving you additional benefits to crafting your own gear.


This axe doesn’t normally grant Agility. It does now.


Additionally, the affixes that items get are random, but powerful. With a bit of luck, you might end up crafting items that rival more traditionally powerful gear. Be sure to pick up a profession this season, Heroes!


Crafting Overview:


  • Items you craft will now have Affixes (...of the Eagle, ...of the Tiger, etc!) 


New Specs for the Multispec System


Five isn’t enough, Heroes! Between testing, changing, and transforming, you’ve got more potential and power than five different specializations can hold. Whether you’re building a Hero on Legacy Realms, or trying different draft sets on the same character on Seasonal, being able to switch between playstyles is truly a core mechanic: thats why three new specialization slots have been added to the Multispec System. You can now store up to EIGHT different specs on a single character, allowing you to switch, test, swap, improve, and forge your hero with pinpoint precision. You’re more than a single spec, Heroes--you’re at least eight.


Multispec Overview:


  • Three new Specialization Slots have been added to the Multispec System


Rotating Honorable Combat Zones


Rotating Zones mean more variety to your battles


Are you a fan of 1v1? More of a lone wolf than a team player? Does your preference for battle lay strictly in duels of skill? Well here’s some good news for you: Season 5 is the beginning of Rotating Honorable Combat Zones. Rather than staying static, you can now look forward to a wider variety of 1v1 Combat Zones. As you go out seeking single combat, you’ll now find a much wider variety of areas where you’re able to engage in strictly 1v1 PvP. A change of scenery can be nice as you go about your manhunt!


Rotating 1v1 Zone Overview:


  • Exactly what it says on the tin

  • Rotating Honorable Combat Zones will allow heroes looking for 1v1 fights to roam through more areas on their quest to prove their prowess

Recruitment Banner


Recruitment Banners are coming to Season 5! 


Wish you could get new recruits into your guild without having to invite them? Too lazy for all the messages and /ginvite commands that recruiting yourself requires? Wish you could just click a button and have something invite new guild members for you?! Good news for you! Recruitment Banners are on the way to do just that! 


Recruitment Banners are a brand new item that guild members can drop virtually anywhere in the world. When they do, a clickable flag will appear with your guild banner on it. If a guildless Hero clicks on it, they’ll be offered a prompt where they can choose to join your guild. If they accept, presto--instant invite without the hassle.


Using Recruitment Banners, guilds can mark their territory and recruit new blood to their ranks even without needing to announce it. If your guild is well-known enough, Heroes might actively seek out your banner to join.


The Recruitment Banner will be coming a bit later in the season. Though it won’t be available with the launch of Season 5, look forward to it making an appearance soon!


Place it somewhere hard to get. That way only pros join your guild...


Recruitment Banner Overview:


  • Allows guilds to drop a flag that other Heroes can click to join that Guild

  • Show your colors and recruit for your Guild!

  • Mark your territory!






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