S5 Overview: UI Updates, Raid Polish

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UI Updates


Heroes--conveying information swiftly is one of the core responsibilities of a User Interface. If you have to spend a whole minute figuring out how much Attack Power you have, then something isn’t right. On Ascension, there are several custom stats and functions  added to the game’s experience that, due them not originally existing, aren’t conveyed as properly as they ought to be. Luckily, tweaks are in the works:


New UI updates are here to ensure that your power is conveyed swiftly and efficiently!

Hot damn! Just look at that Fel Com cost!


As these new UI updates roll out, Heroes will find that their character tab contains a LOT more useful information at a glance, allowing them to more swiftly and effectively determine their character’s power. Additionally, improvements are being added to weapons, armor, and equipment to make their stats clearer at a glance.

Dang, check out that PvP Power!


The Character Pannel isn’t the only UI that’s getting work, Heroes. Improvements are in the works for the Collection UI as well to ensure clarity and functionality as you navigate through Ascension’s interface. Look forward to looking forward at clearly presented stats, items, bonuses, vanity items, and more!


UI Update Overview:


  • Updates to the UI improves performance and clarity

Raid Tuning, Changes, and Polish


Heroes! Raids are one of the core components of Ascension, and an enormous way that the PvE community tests their power and skill. They’re as integral a part of the game as any other, and this season they’re getting some love.


Raids have been assessed and re-tuned to provide Raiders with the challenge they deserve when progressing through PvE content!


Previously, Raids on Ascension were much more akin to high level dungeons than they were to to a test of you and your Guild’s personal and group-oriented skill. In order to compete with the frequency of gear-drops in High Risk--and indeed to be worth doing at all--they had to be tuned to a point where they were worth running--they had to be as easy as other methods of acquiring gear, or else why not gather it in those easier ways? In other words, they had to be much too easy.


No longer! 


With the advent of Bloodied Gear and Soulbound Pristine Items, Raids are in a position where they can be restored to their former glory. Heroes can no longer expedite their way through PvE progression by buying gear off the Auction House, or obtaining it in the Open World and sending it to their main--in Season 5, Raid gear is earned. What that means is that the challenge of Ascension’s raiding scene can now adjust to match the skill of the true raiders seeking an engaging conquest!


Now, Heroes looking to prove their supremacy through PvE progression will have the stage set for them to try: for Season 5, we’ve taken a look all Ascension Raids, re-tuned them to provide more of a challenge to Raiders, and polished their encounters to a shine, removing buggy mechanics and ensuring the fights are both difficult and respectable. Raiders during Season 5 can expect Raids to be the tests of skill they’re searching for.


The result of this update should be a restoration of integrity to Raids--they’ll prove a hard-fought, engaging challenge where skilled Guilds and Heroes can prove their mettle. Heroes who succeed in clearing difficult raids can feel their accomplishments mean something, and that their knowledge, builds, and grit were thoroughly tested.


Additionally, we’ve been making changes to gear--specifically the Zul’gurub trinkets--to make them incredibly more interesting and valuable. We hope you’re excited to snatch them for yourselves!


Here’s a sneak peak of a few:





Raid Updates and Polish Overview:


  • Raids have been re-tuned and polished

  • Raids now provide a tougher challenge to true Raiders searching to test their skills

  • All raid monsters, both trash mobs and bosses, have gotten attention

  • Fixes to buggy mechanics and unimpactful encounters 

  • Improvements to Zul’gurub Class Trinkets will be live with Season 5






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