S5 Overview: Transmog Updates, Crows, Ethereal Bazaar

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Crow’s Cache Updates


Want to drop in on the competition, Heroes? Think you’re too far away from Crow’s Cache to participate in the battle? Never.


Crowd Control to Major Tom--wait a second...


Now, you can use the Transporter System to skyfall your way straight to Crow’s Cache! It’s a bit more expensive than the other zones, but for the added benefit of jumping straight into the fight, it’s worth every copper.


Crow’s Cache Overview:


  • You can now parachute into active Crow’s Cache zones, instantly getting into the action!

Transmogrification Overhaul


Love looking cool, Heroes? Now you can look cool harder: introducing the Transmogrification Overhaul.


I’m pretty much 100% playing a Warden this season...


The Transmogrification System on Ascension has been massively updated to allow Heroes to use and swap their transmog sets more freely, and more often. The changes are simple, but have massive implications:


To begin, transmogrification no longer costs ANY gold--only Transmogrification Runes. If you have Runes and a cool enough piece to use, you’re golden. Applying a transmog to your Hero requires a Transmogrification Rune, but no other resource! 


Next, transmogrification now effects gear SLOTS, rather than the current item you have equipped. Find a new sword better than the one you’ve got, but worried about re-transmogging it? Have no fear--with transmog affecting slots, you can switch and swap your weapons and armor as much as you want while still maintaining the look you’ve spent so much time perfecting.


Next, transmog setsare now account wide. If your main on Andorhal is rocking the coolest transmog outfit in existence, and you’d really like to carry it to Season 5, you can. Create a set on any character, make sure to save it as a set, and you’ll be able to access it from any character, on any realm. And remember: using sets doesn’t cost anything, so if you have a whole bunch saved, you can swap between them on your Heroes even if they don’t have a copper to their name. Be sure to set up your outfit, Heroes--season 5 is fast approaching.


Transmogrification Overview:


  • Transmogrification no longer requires Gold.

  • Transmoging a piece of gear now affects the slot, not the specific item

    • Swap to new pieces without losing your transmog!

  • Now, you’ll only need a transmogrification rune to apply a new look to a slot

  • Once you have your outfit, you can save it to a set

  • Sets are now account wide

    • Access all of your transmog sets across all characters on all realms--new or old!

  • It costs no gold or transmog runes to apply a set

    • Make a set on your main, use it on your new Season 5 character!

    • Use your transmog sets on alts, even at level 1!

  • All transmog sets from the Supporter Shop now come with a portable transmog NPC Companion

  • We are working on making the system able to allow Heroes to transmog straight from the Vanity Collection

New Supporter Shop Transmogrifications
    • NEW Gear Sets, Mounts, and More!

    • NEW Unique Back Items including Tendrils and Wings

      • Adventure in Style!

Ethereal Bazaar


The Ethereal Bazaar is a brand new Cosmetic Curio Shop coming through the Nether to Ascension. It’s owner, Tiraxis, can be found peddling his wares in capital cities. At his bazaar he’ll sell a handful of incredible, exclusive transmogrification items that aren’t available anywhere else in game. Every 24 hours, his selection will change--his current wares will be replaced by new, incredible items. Additionally, all of his goods are of limited quantity--once they’re gone, they won’t be available for purchase again until they re-emerge from his vault. If you see a sword you want, and another player snatches it first, you’ll have to wait until the next time it appears on the Ethereal Bazaar. It could be days, weeks, or even months before you see it again…


Welcome. Come and browse...


Tiraxis has little use for coin. You’ll need a special type of currency to barter with the Ethereal--rare and valuable Bazaar Tokens. The tokens are up to you to acquire, however, the items themselves are Bind on Equip, meaning your coin might see good use if you decide, rather than bartering with the merchant, to coax his wares out of other Heroes instead.


Because Tiraxis’s shop is so limited, it’s entirely possible that you will be the ONLY person on your realm wielding the weapon transmogrification you obtain. If you spot a particularly rare item, you can show it off with pride knowing no other Hero might have the same. Depending on what you purchase, you’ll stand apart from all other Heroes with a truly unique look.


Get ready to grab some incredible gear and perfect your Hero with transmogrification. With a bit of timing, and no small amount of luck, you’ll be able to perfect a look that suits you perfectly. 

Wait--I can have Warglaives?!


Ethereal Bazaar Overview:

  • Cosmetic Black Market NPC

    • Unique model Weapons, Armor, and Mounts

    • Purely cosmetic, but damn do they look cool

  • All items have a stock of one

  • New items appear on the Bazaar every day, and change every 24 hours

  • Hundreds of unique weapons

  • Dozens of unique mounts

  • Require Bazaar Tokens to purchase

  • Items are BoE

  • Give your hero a truly unique look--because of the scarcity of Bazaar items, you might be the only Hero on the realm with your particular weapon







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