Vanity Collection Merged Across Season 3!


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Vanity Collection Merged Across All Season 3 Realms




We have an INCREDIBLE number of players on Ascension’s Seasonal Realms. As such, many of you have been bouncing back and forth between multiple characters--whether to play with friends, try different builds, or experience one of the other realms. A good portion of you are having fun playing across two, or even all three of Ascension’s Season 3 realms: we want to help you enjoy that a bit more!


We’ve merged the Vanity Collection across all Seasonal Realms!


Not too long ago, we pulled the Vanity Tab data from each of our seasonal realms, combined it, and put it back--that means that all of the Vanity Items you have on one seasonal realm, you have across ALL seasonal realms. No matter which Season 3 Realm you visit, you can find your Book of Ascension, Mounts, Pets, and other Vanity Tab items there!


Additionally, with Recruit a Friend being account wide, there’s never been a better time to jump into an adventure.


We hope you enjoy your Collection Items across Season 3, heroes. Have a blast, and good luck with your rolls!






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